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Yes, The Samus Returns Team Helped Nintendo Develop Metroid Dread

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In case you missed it, MercurySteam – the Spanish studio behind Metroid: Samus Returns on 3DS is back for Metroid Dread.

While this information wasn’t shared during the western broadcast, it was mentioned by the Nintendo Treehouse team and also in a video featuring Metroid Dread Producer, Yoshio Sakamoto, after the show.

In addition to this, MercurySteam has confirmed it on social media:

The day has come! The new Samus Aran adventure, Metroid Dread for Nintendo Switch is finally here! We are excited to share with the world what we have been cooking, taking part in development with Nintendo! The best part is that you can enjoy it this October! With all our love.— MercurySteam (@mercurysteam) June 15, 2021

During Sakamoto’s discussion about this game long in the making, he explained why Nintendo decided to team up with MercurySteam once again:

“We met MercurySteam Entertainment, with whom we co-developed Metroid: Samus Returns for Nintendo 3DS. They’re extremely talented. Technically, they’re very skilled. They also have great taste. But more than anything, they have an incredible understanding of Metroid games.

“I was confident that teaming up with this wonderful team would finally allow us to bring Metroid Dread to Life. And the result is that we’ve completed a version of Metroid Dread that even surpasses what we imagined 15 years ago.”

So, there you go – MercurySteam is back! Are you glad to see Nintendo has brought them back for this new 2D Metroid game? Have you played its previous game, Metroid: Samus Returns? Tell us down below.

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