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Prison Architect’s rehabilitation DLC Second Chances is out now

Prison Architect is looking to the future in its new DLC. Second Chances is all about letting your inmates out of prison, but on purpose. If you’re lucky, you won’t ever see them again. Have a nice life, folks! Second Chances adds several new rehab programs focused on lowering your prisoners’ sentences and making sure they stay out when they leave. It’s out now, alongside another free game update called The Pen.

You can spot all the new Second Chances DLC bits down here in Prison Architect’s new trailer such as new rooms and those new rehabillitation programs. You can get prisoners involved with programs such as juvenile correction, former prisoner consultations, conflict resolution, and animal therapy. Yup, inmates sure can pet the dog now.

There are lots of other simulation additions in Second Chances as well. Inmate sentences can be lowered based on their behavior. Your own former inmates can also return to prison, earning you a fine each time. You can also set the wages for certain jobs, making your inmates prefer certain one. There’s even more, such as new grants, new rooms, and the ability to set the uniform color for your inmates.

Alongside the DLC, Prison Architect has gotten its free update The Pen as well. It adds new objects, rooms, and settings too. The Pen update lets you implement a policy of staff carrying keys. That’ll improve efficiency of your prison but reduce security. Yeah, we’ve all seen that move before, right?

You can catch all the rest of the notes on the DLC, the free update, and bug fixes in the patch notes. Here’s an amusing one from the known issues list for you: “prisoners drop ingredients when their shift at the Restaurant ends”. Imagine just chucking pasta on the floor as soon as you’re off shift.

You can find the Second Chances DLC over on Steam. It’s currently discounted by 10% to £4.31/$5.39. A few other Prison Architect DLCs are on sale as well.

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