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Fortnite: Place Cow Decoys In Farms – Week 6 Legendary Quest

In Fortnite Season 7 Week 6, you’ll need to place cow decoys in farms in order to earn the 30,000 XP associated with this Legendary Quest. It’s one of several challenges that has players once more exploring the region around Farmer Steel’s farm–the same Farmer Steel who, despite his protests and demands to be left alone– has been thrust into a starring role in the Season 7 story. If you’re looking for cow decoy locations, we’ve got a map and written guide to help you right here.

Where To Place Cow Decoys In Fortnite

Cow decoys are likely the latest ploy of Doctor Slone, who is hellbent on sabotaging the alien invasion. For this quest, you’ll need to place three cow decoys in farms, specifically in and around Corny Complex. While the Legendary Quest demands you place three of these cow decoys across the land, we’ll show you the location of 14 that are meant to appear when the challenge is live–you can choose which three work best for you.

You can place cow decoys with Corny Complex:

Near the western white hay shedAmong the crops west of the central barnNorthwest of the central barn in front of the large buildingTo the southern limit of Corny Complex nearby the small buildingSlightly west of the southeastern small shedBetween the house and the crops southeast from the houseFarther southeast from the previous cow decoy near the southeastern edge of the crops

According to leaks, there will even be seven more cow decoy locations around Steel Farm, which is just northeast across the river from Corny Complex. We’ve also gone and marked those in case you prefer to check there.

Find cow decoys at Steel Farm:

By the trees north of the houseBy the eastern edge of the corn cropsSlightly southeast from there before you cross the roadAnother across the road even more southAt the cliff’s base to the westSoutheast from there to the nearby intersection of grass and dirtSlightly south of the houseAll cow decoy locations in Fortnite Week 6.

What can we expect story-wise from this quest, you might ask? Well, since these appear to be Slone’s orders, we can assume these decoys are more than just the standees they seem to be. Given the Imagined Order’s cutting-edge tech, we speculate these cows, once abducted and brought onto the Mothership, may include some sort of secret sabotage element–a Trojan cow, if you will.

Even with a more story-oriented season, Epic is still playing the long game. After all, we haven’t even seen Superman show up yet. In the meantime, get ready for the Week 6 challenges and Week 6 Alien Artifacts. Otherworldly attractions are also coming by way of the new LeBron James skin too.

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