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Far: Changing Tides is a seabound follow-up to Far: Lone Sails

Okomotive, the makers of Far: Lone Sails, have announced their next game is moving away from sandy deserts and getting into the sea. Far: Changing Tides is an exploration game where you’re stuck on an abandoned ship in the middle of a drowned world, searching for safety. The world looks bleak, but the art-style is lovely. Its predecessor is an RPS fave too, so this will be one to watch.

Far: Changing Tides is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where forests and cities have been plunged underwater. It’s a side-scroller in which you’ll be able to explore the ocean depths on your travels, as well as any remaining structures you can find that aren’t submerged.

“The reception to Far: Lone Sails was humbling, to know that people felt the same passion as we do about that world inspired us to continue to build on it with Changing Tides,” lead designer Don Schmocker said in a press release. “We knew we wanted to tell a different, but complimentary tale, one which would be familiar to fans but fresh and exciting.”

In our Far: Lone Sails review, Sam Greer said: “I’ve never played anything quite like this, and in this turbulent world of ours its meditative and gentle journey was exactly what I needed. And, you know, I got to pretend to be the captain of a mad sail train for a few hours, so that’s something.”

It doesn’t have a release date just yet, but Far: Changing Tides is coming to PC via Steam, as well as Nintendo Switch, the PlayStations and Xboxes.

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